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Inspired by vintage pedals such as the Applied Fuzz and Treble booster, Goya Panther, Kadent Treblefuzz and others, the FUZZ RANGER features my popular NPN 2N388 Germanium Transistor powered T-Boost Rangemaster style treble booster, and a BC109 powered silicon Fuzz Face clone together in one box. Effects order is FuzzFace - Treble Booster. I tried it both ways and this order is the most flexible with the widest variety of sounds available. Each effect can be used individually or together. The T-Boost features a capacitor switch that switches between the stock Rangemaster sound and a larger cap for a fatter sound. The larger capacitior is socket mounted so you can experiment with different values if you would like.

It is a great sounding pedal and LOUD.

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