Smallsound/Bigsound Year 4545



The year4545 is a lofi fuzz/filter noisemaker

A transistor amplifier stage boosts and fuzzes up the signal, which then gets sent through a pair of unstable oscillators which massage your tone into oblivion.

Simple, yet highly interactive controls create a mess of different sounds, including: fuzz, filter, octaves, random pitch shifting/jumping, triggered envelope-type effects, harmonic resonances , hisses, crackles, squeals and general cacophony.

There are a healthy range of settings in which the year4545 will create sound on it's own, even when you're not playing, so for those settings legato playing, reverb, etc. work well to keep those extraneous sounds out... if that's what you want.

The year4545 runs on a standard 9v negative tip supply. No batteries.

The year4545 can be extremely LOUD, depending on the settings, so take it easy to start! SS/BS takes no responsibility for damage to anything.


  • vol, volume. Loud, so start low and go slow... Some settings are very loud and some are very quiet and it may jump from on to the next pretty quickly, so be aware.
  • oO, saturation. This is a sort of blend control between the fuzzy boosted signal and the oscillator. Turning CW typically gives a fuller signal with less oscillation.
  • x, oscillator X. Changes frequency of the oscillator. Hard to say what will happen...
  • y, oscillator Y. Changes frequency of the oscillator. Does different things than X.
  • xx, oscX freq shift. Shifts frequency of X to low, mid or high.
  • yy, oscY freq shift. Shifts frequency of Y to low, mid or high.

There is an internal high cut trimpot to tame some excess high end at the output. I ship the pedal with a very slight amount of cut... feel free to change to your taste.

The Year 4545 reacts differently to input volume and impedance, so in general it likes to be closer to the source signal. Lower or higher input volume will cause the pedal to behave differently... so experiment! (lower is usually trashier, higher is usually more compressed)

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