Smallsound/Bigsound Year 2525



The smallsound/bigsound year2525 fuzz is a unique lo-fi fuzz pedal combining a fuzz with an oscillator which acts as a resonant filter, accentuating different harmonics and shaping the signal in different ways - octave down, strange tracking, envelope-type effects and random notes. It has simple controls that are extremely interactive and have a huge range of sounds available - push it with a heavy fuzz or boost and everything craps out into oscillations while lowering your volume will get a completely different response (no cleanup here).


  • z: volume, it's pretty loud
  • y: oscillator frequency, counterclockwise yields the most "normal" fuzz, while turning clockwise yields different harmonic/pitch changes
  • x: saturation, varying this changes the "blend" (best word i can use to describe it) of fuzz to oscillator. counter-clockwise will give a more trebly signal with more of the oscillator harmonics and at certain settings an envelope-modulation effect, clockwise gives more bass/compression and less accented harmonics. this control will also affect the range of the oscillator to some degree...
  • <3 switch: a three-way range switch for the oscillator.
    • center - high freq (plain fuzz>crackles)
    • up - mid freq (high>low)
    • down - low freq (mid>octave down and poor tracking)

There is also an internal trimpot which can be used to roll off some high end if you're playing through a bright amp - 6db/octave from around 10khz down to around 1khz. I chose to make the tone control internal to simplify and leave room for more additional surprises on later versions...

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