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The sparkle motion is our take on an iconic treble boost – the Rangemaster. The added controls and circuit modifications transform the sparkle magic from a basic treble booster to a mid range boost, dark bass boost, gritty mis-biased overdrive and more! The FIRST (probably) Rangemaster-alike that is bass-friendly... wow!

This is NOT an “authentic” Rangemaster clone. It does not include any secret mojo sauce or anything like that, save for the germanium transistor. There are some quirks to the pedal, like many other vintage circuit designs, that I chose to leave for simplicity’s sake:

  • the transistor is temperature sensitive and will shift depending on how hot or cold it is; one reason the bias control was externalized.
  • the input impedance and consequently the sound, will vary depending on where the pedal is in your chain.

Controls include:

  • input attenuation, EQ, bias, volume
  • treble/bass toggle switch, bypass footswitch

Note: the “original” bias point of around 7-7.2V has been changed to a lower voltage, because it sounds better there (at least to my ears).

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