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Well, my band Cymbals Eat Guitars made a record named Pretty Years (out 9/16) and we released our first track Wish today. We worked with a pretty great producer named John Congleton. He used a Thermionics Culture Vulture (a stereo tube distortion rack unit) on a bunch of tracks and yeah… it rules. 

This pedal is my humble homage to such an iconic and amazing piece of studio gear. as with the last 2 preorders, I try to capture an idea or sound that defines the recording in my mind and for this one I wanted to make an homage to the iconic Culture Vulture.

Pretty Years is a high-gain subminiature tube based distortion/fuzz with an interstage resonant lowpass filter to not only filter frequencies, but also shape the texture of the distortion. combining switchable pentode/triode mode, low-voltage biasing, switchable feedback and active bass/treble controls – most drive textures from subtle to complete destruction are available. voltage control over the filter frequency allows for dramatic filter sweeps with expression pedals and total weirdness with modular setups, making Pretty Years a perfect fit for not only guitars, but all other instruments as well…

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