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No Memory is a digital delay using the infamous PT2399 chip, capable of delay times ranging from 33ms to approximately 3s. there will be noise once you get past 400-600ms, oh yes, but simply embrace it. cherish it. make it something you can’t live without; a distinct feature of your tone… remember all of those analog synths that featured a white noise generator? yeah. love it.

naturally, modulation and delays go together like white noise and analog synths, so of course No Memory features a lush, envelope-modulated detune/bend function which creates anything from a unique pitch-shifting instant-shoegaze tremolo-arm weirdness to a subtle, barely-there warble.

CV controls, a tone control for your repeats, a fully wet mix control and a warm, vintage-voiced preamp giving you plenty of available output are the rest of what this delay pedal has to offer. make no mistake, you will not forget about No Memory.

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