Smallsound/Bigsound Hawk



Imagine a massive bird of prey is crushing your skull and ripping off your face. Now imagine yourself as the bird and you're crushing those faces with richly textured and brutally gated massive fuzz. Now imagine those faces are ears and they're in pain from the rich harmonics and intense screeching feedback. Now imagine the most delicious sandwich you can think of.

The Hawk is an overdrive and a fuzz in one.

Full gain. Full fuzz. All of the time.

It is a completely overblown, rough textured, full bore cruddy fuzz... and can seamlessly go from gated and sputtery to long sustain and feedback at the flip of a switch; all while maintaining huge walls of fuzz. It's controls are exquisitely simple, yet offer a versatile range to allow you to focus more on melting faces and less on dialing in a precise sound.

The Hawk is hungry. And so are you... for a sandwich.

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