Smallsound/Bigsound Fuck Overdrive



Fuck overdrive. That’s how we at Smallsound/Bigsound used to feel and exactly the reason why we designed this pedal.

A low to high gain JFET overdrive is at the core of this warm-voiced overdrive with a range spanning clean boost to gritty drive to beefy fuzz. As if that weren't enough, a dynamically modulated “sag” feature was implemented to get you closer to that blown tube sound without actually ruining your amp. Turn up the threshold and the harder you play, the more the overdrive compresses, crackles, tries to keep up... and fails miserably.

This pedal will make you change your definition about the sound of a screaming tube… at Smallsound/Bigsound, we have changed our minds about overdrive.

Fuck yes.




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