Slippery People Lucid - Sustain & Distortion


Steve Williams (Slippery People & Pigdog)

Concerned about noise? Welcome to Slippery People.

A kind of sideline to the Pigdog mothership and the melting of two minds. Artwork by my friend and art wizard Matthew Woodhouse, building and electrickery by Steve Williams (Pigdog). 

Some of you will remember Loony, the small case MKI Tone Bender? I get asked for them from time to time, but we don't want to do those again, do we?

This Lucid Sustain and Distorter is a MKI Tone Bender with a tone filter. Finely tuned if you don't mind me saying so. OC84Â’s and OC75 are the transistors. Small pedalboard friendly enclosure and a violet sunburst finish. Powered by 9V battery or DC supply. Free beermat!

  • Only 12 of these were made.
  • Very cool root beer burst paint job
  • NOS OC84 / OC75 transistors, battery / adaptor power

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