Sleeping Dog FX Mini Tap Tempo


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Sleeping Dog FX

Introducing the Sleeping Dog Fx tap tempo foot switch with reverse polarity switch. Ideal for tapping the tempo into a number of fx pedals.

Tired of changing the settings of your delay or tremolo pedals/racks in between songs? Then the "Mini Tap Tempo" is the answer.

This fantastic little footswitch is the perfect solution for bringing your delay or tremolo in time with the rest of your band without the need of fiddling with knobs and settings.

Simply connect the tap tempo out to the tap tempo in of your pedal/rack system with a standard guitar lead, tap out the beat and you're rocking!

This great little footswitch also features an additional toggle switch changing the footswitch from an open to a closed position. The reason for this is because some delay or tremolo pedals require an open or closed footswitch to synchronize the delay. The beauty of this little package is it has both at the flip of a switch.

Never have your delay repeats go out of time again.

Compatible with Boss DD pedals, Boss RC pedals, behringer pedals, line 6 and many more.

At just 3.5inch x 1.5inch this is a tiny switching device ideal for those guitarists concerned about pedal board real estate, It's so small it will fit into your existing rig with ease.

  • A High quality soft touch momentary foot switch.
  • Hand picked Audio Quality components.
  • Long life output jack
  • Hand wired in the UK

Presented in a Red and black silkscreened aluminium enclosure that has been reported to reduce on-stage stress."

Tasty :)

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