Sleeping Dog FX The Mighty Flea - Mosfet Boost/Preamp


Sleeping Dog FX

Here we have a lovely little boutique Sleeping Dog FX " The Mighty Flea" MOSFET boost/preamp pedal

Make your guitar stand out on stage and cut through the mix with ease!

With it's one level control you'll be itching to tweak the "Mighty Flea" and with it's ultra clear sound you wont ever want to be without it in the studio or on stage.

"The Mighty Flea" preamp & boost pedal with it's high input impedance and high output level is the perfect pedal for giving your guitar that sought after "bigger sound" and for pushing your amp into natural overload which is more akin to tube break up than distortion or fuzz.

At just 3.5" x 1.5" this is a really small package, ideal for those guitarists concerned about pedal board real estate. It's small but it sure jumps above the rest."


  • True Bypass Switching
  • High Quality Audio Components
  • High quality clear Blue LED
  • Input and Output Socket
  • 9VDC center negative socket (requires 2.1mm tip, not supplied)

Available in a lovely purple screen printed enclosure.

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