Sleeping Dog FX Howling Overdrive


Sleeping Dog FX

Sleeping Dog FX “Howling Overdrive”

The "Howling Overdrive" pedal is designed to offer a true valve amp style overdrive that reacts to the dynamics of your playing style.

Play gently and it's sweet and lush. Dig in on the strings and it literally Howls!

The pedal has three controls, volume, drive and Howl. The Howl control is an EQ that also affects the amount of gain. Turned all the way down, the control offers a bassier tone while cutting the overdrive level producing some great bluesy tones. Turned up the Howl control and it acts as a slight treble booster while enhancing the overdrive and slightly increasing the gain. Volume and drive settings work as standard.

Like a great valve amp of old the signal cleans up when you ease off the attack on your playing style and then unleashes glorious harmonically rich overdrive when you dig in on the strings. The pedal sounds tight in all settings and the integrity of your guitar's tone is never compromised. The overdrive isn't overly compressed and has a beautiful tone to it.

The "Howling Overdrive" has more of a classic blues and rock sound although it will go heavier when combined with an already overdriven amp. It sounds equally as good with humbuckers and single-coils.


  • Volume, Drive and Howl Controls allowing you to tune your tone
  • Input & Output jacks
  • True Bypass Switching for a clean bypass tone
  • Hand picked Audio Quality components
  • High Quality Super Bright LED
  • 9VDC 2.1mm center negative tip (standard) power socket.
  • Hand wired in the UK
  • Presented in a lovely hand finished silkscreened enclosure
  • All the components have been carefully selected and it uses  all audio grade components.
  • The IC it uses is super quiet and ultra high quality,
  • Pure ultra bright Green LED on/off indicator. Clear Davies Knobs.
  • True Bypass Switching.
  • It also has pure boutique MOSFET clipping which gives
  • A smoother "crunch" to the sound.
  • It runs off 9vDC

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