Sleeping Dog FX Fuzz Hound


Sleeping Dog FX

If you need the best fuzz tones for guitar or bass you need this!

Some people like mellow sounds, whilst others like it screaming in their ears. If you like tortured fuzz then "The Fuzz Hound" is the machine for you.

A Fuzz Box that you will want to stomp on again and again...and then one more time just to make sure. is the King of fuzz tones.

The pedal produces a lush and soaring upper octave whilst still producing a deep down guttural growl in the lower octave - it is even capable of creating a subtle ring modulator effect so you will soon be reaching for those blistering solos. Or you can add some texture and thickness to your rhythm parts - it is not called The Fuzz Hound for nothing... it is versatile and it rules.

For the inquisitive, it features Germanium Diodes producing square wave clipping, enabling the user to get some real dirty fuzz out of the pedal in extreme settings. It also features a "Scoop Mid's switch" that engages a 1Khz filter for some very fat and ballsy bass tones! Amazing.

Sleeping Dog FX dares you to wake the beast. Here's the deal:

  • Volume, Fuzz and Bias controls allowing you to tune your tone.

  • Scoop Mids Switch to help you cut through the mix and provide bottom-end presence.

  • True Bypass Switching for a clean bypass tone.

  • Hand picked Audio Quality Components of the highest standard.

  • High Quality Clear Blue LED.

  • Quality, long life input and output sockets

  • 9VDC 2.1mm center negative tip (standard) power socket.

  • Presented in a lovely hand finished silkscreened enclosure.

  • Hand wired in the UK

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