Sleeping Dog FX B/A/B/Y


Sleeping Dog FX

So You need to switch quietly and effortlessly back and forth between two amps or select both simultaneously. You want more?

Then you need the Baby A/B/Y Switcher Pedal, the perfect silent switching solution for all your switching needs.

This what you can do with this tiny compact pedal:

  • Switch silently and quickly between two different amps - allowing the versatility that this technique allows: clean, distorted...back again effortlessly. Or select both amps simultaneously
  • Use two guitars into one more fiddling around...just step on the switch and pick up your next axe!
  • Or select both guitars at the same time.
  • Enable quick on stage tuning, silently if you wish.
  • Bring in a different effect loop - switch between 2 different floorboard set-ups easily or select both for a cacophony of noise.
  • Switch between your amp's pre-amp and power amp enabling you to bypass your amps tone circuit or even use a different pre-amp!


At just 90mm x 35xx this is a tiny switching device ideal for those guitarists concerned about pedal board real estate, It's so small it will fit into your existing rig with ease.


  • True Bypass switching for clean tone when not required.
  • Hand picked Audio Quality components.
  • Isolated jacks to avoid ground loops, hum and noise.
  • High Quality, High Visibility Led On/Off indicator for output A or B or Y
  • Long life input jack
  • Long life output jacks A and B
  • 9VDC 2.1mm Center negative tip power socket (standard)
  • Hand wired in the UK

Presented in lovely blue and black silkscreened aluminium enclosure that has been reported to give you a "Jake the peg extra leg and of course reducing on-stage stress."


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