Skullytone FX Thai Cobra


Skullytone FX

The "Thai Cobra" - Tychobrahe Octavia octave fuzz circuit replica w true bypass loop!

The original Tychobrahe Octavias are one of the most sought after pedals money can buy. Originals can sell for hundreds of dollars, are hard to find, and often in poor shape or in need of repairs.

This replica delivers all the tone of that original circuit, but features ultra high quality parts, and some modern enhancements...

  • 100% true bypass: EH 3PDT effect on/off stomp switch!
  • Built in 100% true bypass loop (2nd stomp) can convert any non-true bypass pedal to true bypass!
  • Pre-Volume, Intensity and Volume controls!
  • Switchable octave effect!
  • Unique etched cobra on brushed aluminum enclosure!
  • Standard +9v jack!
  • 1-2% Vishay metal film resistors for ultra low-noise operation!
  • Audio grade Nichicon/Panasonic/Mallory/Wima caps!
  • Neutrik jacks

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