Skullytone FX Russian Spy


Skullytone FX

Russian Spy, modern Interpretation of a Civil War Era Green Russian Big Muff

The green Sovtek era Russian muffs have become legendary for their highly desirable tone. An original would cost you hundreds, if you can even find one!

This replica is based on that original circuit, but features some modern enhancements:

  • 100% True Bypass - Won't "suck tone", completely transparent when bypassed!
  • Switchable tone bypass mod - bypasses the loved/hated mid hump and delivers a 3-6db boost for more gain! "Wide open" muff sounds!
  • Switchable 'Creamy Dreamer' inspired "emitter lift mod" -serves up even more gain!
  • Independent clipping controls for EACH drive stage! Select stock 1n914, rare glass case Germanium 1n34a/1n60, or diode lift for 9 distinct voicings from vintage to modern!

When mass manufacturers produce pedals they often opt for parts that might cost them 3 cents each less, because it will save them thousands over a large production run. This replica has been rendered in the finest parts money can buy...

  • 1-2% Vishay Metal Film Resistors for ultra low-noise operation!
  • Precision smooth taper potentiometers for gain, tone and level control!
  • Quality Neutric jacks!
  • Audio grade Wima/Panasonic/Nichicon capacitors!

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