Skullytone FX Police Fuzz


Skullytone FX

Skullytone FX Police Fuzz - 1970's era Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face replica

The Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces have become highly desirable for their incredible tone. An original would cost you hundreds... If you can find one.

This replica is based on that original circuit with a few modern enhancements:

  • 100% mechanical hardwire bypass won't "suck tone"
  • 1-2% vishay metal film resistors for ultra low noise operation
  • Alpha precision potentiometers
  • Hand auditioned n.o.s. 2n2222 metal can transistors!
  • Wima/Panasonic/Nichicon audio grade capacitors!
  • Volume control, fuzz, mid-shape, and bias can deliver unmatched versatility!
  • As if that wasn't enough, flashing red and blue LED lets you know you are in 'hot pursuit'!

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