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Oh, blues! Thin nostalgia, wrapped in gentle musical tones and velvet sound.

Made just for you, the blues fan, Tender Rain is a delay effect of the highest quality. Warm and elegantly melancholic, it will take your playing to the next level of gentleness and nostalgic calmness. Cover yourself with the blues of nighttime and bring a tender rain to your guitar playing time.


  • High-end delay effect with a crisp sound that will complement your guitar playing habits.
  • Ultra easy control for your maximum comfort and customization.
  • Hard zinc alloy shell for extended durability.
  • Precise electronic components designed and assembled by professionals for your maximum aesthetical delight and extra durability in time.


  • The 110mm x 58mm x 50 mm sized Tender Rain Pedal comes with a hard zinc alloy shell for ultra durability and weighs exactly 355 g. 
  • Power supply: A 9-volt DC adapter or a 9-volt battery. (Power supply is not included in this product)
  • 6.35 sound socket, DC005 5.5x2.1mm power socket, and a 9V battery connect button.

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