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How can one not admire the wildness of old-school rock hailing from England?

Lose yourself in a modern day invasion of British Rock & Roll with Mr. Britain's fierce distortion effects. Wide range, thick and unbelievably rich sound and immense power will turn your usual playing sessions into a true revival of what The Rolling Stones did back in the days. Get your Brit groove on and rock out to the maximum!


  • Classic British style Rock & Roll effect distortion in the veins of Rock & Roll traditions.
  • Thick and rich sound with a wide range of strong distortion and effects.
  • Hard zinc alloy shell for extended durability.
  • Precise electronic components designed and assembled by professionals for your maximum aesthetical delight and extra durability in time.


  • The 110mm x 58mm x 50 mm sized Tender Rain Pedal comes with a hard zinc alloy shell for ultra durability, and weighs exactly 355 g. 
Power supply: A 9-volt DC adapter or 9-volt battery. (Power supply is not included in this product)
6.35 sound socket, DC005 5.5x2.1mm power socket, and a 9V battery connect button.

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