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Do you know what makes an already brilliant song better?

A catchy chorus.

Cat's Eyes complements your crazy guitar playing with a crystal chorus sound that will help you step your instrumental game up. Transparent, clear and vibrant, Cat's Eyes is what you've been looking for to polish your guitar piece to perfection.

The effect has a strong echo sound with the option to control the echo time as per your preferences. Define your chorus needs and configure the way in which Cat's Eyes will be helpful to your guitar sessions.


  • Crystal clear chorus that turns your guitar tone in a symphony of transparency and elegance.
  • High-quality echo sound with the option to control the exact echo time.
  • Hard zinc alloy shell for extended durability.
  • Precise electronic components designed and assembled by professionals for your maximum aesthetical delight and extra durability in time.


  • The 110mm x 58mm x 50 mm sized Cat's Eyes Pedal comes with a hard zinc alloy shell for ultra durability and weighs exactly 355 g. 
  • Power supply: A 9-volt DC adapter or 9-volt battery. (Power supply is not included in this product)
  • 6.35 sound socket, DC005 5.5x2.1mm power socket, and a 9V battery connect button.

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