Skrydstrup R&D BF2M Dual Buffer



You can not hear it - but you can definitely hear if it is not there!

Our BF2M Dual Buffer/Line Driver has proven itself as the ultimate in the business.

The BF2 contains two independent buffers. Our high impedance input buffer ensures a constant high impedance load on your guitar at all times, and furthermore it provides you with an isolated Tuner Output and a low impedance output (SEND).

From the (RETURN) jack the signal goes to our highly recognized ultra low noise Line Driver, which will drive even a very long cable back to your amp, without changing your tone or adding noise.

The BF2M is an essential tool in any pedal board set-up, or where a wah pedal or volume pedal is used.

It is also features a MUTE switch for silent tuning.

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