Skreddy Pedals ROVER Fuzz


Skreddy Pedals

Vintage fuzz tones with massive range and versatility

Sustaining wall of fuzz, meaty distortion, and hot overdrive, all featuring excellent volume cleanup and touch sensitivity and no problems getting along with other effects like buffers and wah pedals.

Silicon fuzz with a Tone Bender* heart and extra tweakability

The Skreddy Pedals™ ROVER can do that wooly, compressed 60's fuzz tone, but it can also be tight and articulate and well behaved.

The sound is classic Tone Bender* with excellent volume clean-up and touch sensitivity.

You can go sustainy or you can go twangy!  The ROVER has the versatility you've been searching for.

Silicon never sounded so Germanium

This is oldschool fuzz you won't have to worry about when you play an outdoor gig--it's stable throughout any survivable temperature range!

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