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Smooth, Intense, Sustaining Distortion

Based on the "triangle-knob" circa 1971 4-transistor fuzz, but I've changed the input capacitor to a more saturated-sounding type like the circa 1973 'rams head' version fuzz.

From there, I've tightened up the bass and smoothed out the highs and eliminated the mid scoop. So instead of a raging wall of fuzz, you get a more focused and amp-like tone, without having to stack with eq's and/or other overdrive pedals to smooth things out or bring up the midrange.

High Gain and Articulate

  • No scooped midrange
  • The thick, soaring tone sounds great on all pickup positions and cuts through the densest mix.
  • The tone control is tuned to get useable sounds at all positions, with the middle position having a flat eq curve.
  • The "Flat/Juicy" switch lets you add in extra midrange thickness, giving you more options to tweak your sound. For example, you can get a cutting, yet thick tone at full clockwise with the switch in the "Juicy" position, and no ice-pick treble will assail your ears.


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