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Skreddy Pedals

Aggressive Wall of Fuzz

  • This is some dirty, sweet fuzz. Heavy does not have to mean harsh or unnatural or even modern
  • Finally a tone control that is actually useful and powerful, yet does not sound bad at any setting
  • Makes a single-coil pickup sound more like a humbucker, yet doesn't completely obliterate the guitar's tone
  • Makes a clean amp sound like a vintage, cranked amp, even at low volume--preamp or power-tube distortion not required.

Just like the real thing, only better

A vintage, 4-transistor distortion, made with a tasteful blend of NOS and new parts, resulting in a creamy, grainy, circa 1971 fuzz tone (but with some extra kick). Modern upgrades include SMALL SIZE, DC power, LED on/off indicator, and true bypass switching.

NEW: The Flat Mids option keeps your guitar in the mix! No more "fuzz gets lost in live band" syndrome.

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