Skreddy Pedals Major Overdrive


Skreddy Pedals

From clean to mean with amazing dynamics and no fizz

Classic 70's album and arena rock tones at your fingertips.

Goes from sparkly clean to crunchy distortion with your guitar volume and responds to your picking intensity with a satisfying roar.

Touch-sensitive gain with a classic, aggressive voice

The Skreddy Pedals™ Major Overdrive cleans up ridiculously well with the guitar volume and has a massive voice like a huge early 70's British tube amplifier.

The tone is focused and balanced.

Very reactive to the touch, chords have excellent string separation, there is plenty of crunch and growl with just the right amount of compression. Pretty much nails every 70's guitar god tone!

Versatile cranked-amp-like overdrive with amazing range

You will be inspired to play longer and write new tunes, your guitar will sound so good!

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