Skreddy Pedals Kusanagi - Professional MkII



Skreddy Pedals

All-Germanium 3-transistor fuzz based on the circa 1966 design

Adjustable bias allows you to tailor the response from classic gated fuzz with lots of spit and grunge to a smoother, better-biased fuzz that cleans up with the guitar volume.  Plenty of sustain either way.

The Skreddy Kusanagi™ was designed to take that classic fat germanium fuzz sound and make it more pedalboard friendly with DC adapter power and regular negative ground operation.

Built using oldschool, high-voltage, axial capacitors, big 1/2 Watt carbon comp resistors (with a few exceptions), and 3 germanium transistors (metal-can AC127 models)

All hand wired with Switchcraft open-frame jacks.

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