Skreddy Pedals Echo


Skreddy Pedals

  • Lush, Tape-Like, Saturated Delays with Adjustable Warble
  • Ultra-High Sample-Rate (Delta-Sigma) Digital Delay with Analog Filtering and Limiting
  • Transparent, Analog "Dry" Path with Tons of Headroom
  • Effects Loop for Delay Line

The Skreddy Echo™ was designed to take over the duties of my old, green, tube tape echo. My design goals were simple:

  1. make it sound 'right'
  2. it should inspire

It is intended to emulate electro-mechanical units of the past and is not clean or pristine.

The repeats degrade very gradually into a musical, harmonic soup if you turn them up high enough. Self oscillation is possible (though not in a touchy or unpredictable way) without the bothersome runaway volume some old analog delays have.

All hand wired with Switchcraft open-frame jacks.


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