Skreddy Pedals BC109 Fuzz



Ripping High Gain Oldschool Fuzz

Adjustable but not too modernized—a vintage-style 2-transistor fuzz with extra controls and tweaks to let you recreate oodles of classic fuzz sounds with minimum hassle

The Skreddy Pedals BC109 FUZZ  is made from silicon transistors for power and temperature stability, but it's darkened so you can get germanium-ish effects out of it too.

The 2 transistors are piggybacked for better tone (smoother, lower noise than single transistors), giving this circuit 4 transistors total.  I used audio-quality capacitors for the input and fuzz electrolytics, so you can really hear the transistors doing their thing with no sludgy or grainy coloration that cheap electrolytics can impart.

The extra controls let you emulate different classic fuzz tones from the 60's and early 70's along with improvements for some of the issues those early fuzzes had (noise reduction, adjustable tone, and input impedance selector switch).  Can get frazzly or smooth, bright or dark.


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