Skreddy Pedals


    Skreddy Pedals is run by Marc Ahlfs and his wife, Cynthia from Roseville, California.

    Timeline (by Marc Ahlfs)

    • September 2004 - First pedal, the Mayonaise, a 1st-edition Big Muff Pi clone.
    • January 2005 - Re-design using different transistors and a small box, the Zero.
    • September 2005 - First original design, the Screw Driver; a highly-modified-Fuzz-Face-based overdrive, using a hybrid of oldschool silicon (BC109C) and germanium (AC127) transistors, with variable input bass control and a mosfet input stage which makes it immune to impedance problems that commonly plague the classic configuration of the Fuzz Face circuit.
    • 2005-2007 - Various iterations of BMP derivatives, including the Top Fuel, which used a mosfet input and mosfets as clipping diodes, plus added the Lunar Module, an all-silicon fuzz based on the Screw Driver design
    • December 2007 - introduced the Skreddy Echo, modeled after the sound of my old tube Echoplex, also influenced by a desire to improve upon the EH Deluxe Memory Man (more headroom, more natural-sounding and controllable modulation).
    • 2008 - Cynthia officially joins the Skreddy Pedals team and quickly overtakes me in terms of productivity and organizational skills.
    • January 2009 - First crack at outsourcing circuitboard assemblies with the initial run of Pig Mines.  This was a company in LA who did great quality work.
    • Later 2009 - Found it much easier to deal with local help for assisting with small batches of stuffing boards and wiring from a logistical and control standpoint.
    • 2010 - With Cynthia's help, got our credit rating high enough to qualify for a home loan, found a great place just a mile or so away, and finally moved out of our tiny rent-a-hovel into a super nice house of our own, all based solely on Skreddy Pedals self employment and no other income.
    • June 2011 - Introduced the Paradigm Shift, a 4-stage phaser using low-noise opamps and LED/LDR modulation that can approximate the classic Uni-Vibe throb--very sweet, lush, transparent, and versatile.

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