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The goal in designing the 3OD was to create something contrary to the the traditional style overdrive. The desired end result was simple. It needed to be open, natural sounding, and respond to playing Dynamics. Most importantly it HAD to clean up well and remain Dynamic throughout the guitars volume range.

So what you are left with is a 3 germanium transistor design in a buffer + 2 cascading gain stage arrangement. The pick dynamics are VERY responsive to attack -clean to crunch depending on how light or how hard you nail it - ! Best of all the clean up is outstanding! Gradual gain reduction NOT TONE with only the guitars volume. The tone remains clear and articulate through out the guitars volume range. The 3OD really brings the player into the sound because it feels like you can "lean into it" while you dig in.

The 3OD is, overall, a low to mid gain overdrive that feels like a natural extension of you guitar to your amp. It has plenty of level on tap to push a slightly broken up amp into tube saturated bliss. This is truly one of the most versatile overdrive pedals ever made if with endless tonal possibilities.


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