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In the most simple terms the Sea Breeze is a chorus with features and tone that distinguish it from the competition. It is not a clone of any pedal or tone.

Use the pedal as you would any modulation pedal: at very slow speeds and near maximum depth, you can hear a bit of flanging with the chorus. At high speeds, a bit of rotating speaker effect is added to the chorus. At mid speeds and mid speeds, a bit of phasing can be heard.

The treble control is usually set to maximum with a clean signal because it functions mostly as a cut control. It is especially useful when driving the Sea Breeze with distortion so that you can reduce the excess bite produced by the combination of pedals. Distortion into the Sea Breeze set for slow speed and high depth gives a flange effect.

Playing clean chords with very slow speed and high depth creates a constantly changing background that remains very subtle, not overpowering your normal tone but adding interest by means of the cyclic variation. Subtlety can be achieved at any speed by keeping depth low. These two methods of using modulation allow the effect to be used over prolonged periods with being annoying.

I'm sure you'll discover more. Internally, the Sea Breeze is more complicated than commercial chorus pedals. However, from the outside, it looks simple. Listen carefully while strumming a chord and you should hear a difference between this and other chorus pedals.

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