Six String Effects Firebreath - Distortion


Six String Effects

Intended for high gain without excess saturation or compression which, if present, would prevent the guitar from penetrating the mix of instruments during a band performance.

Quick and easy set-up due to only 4 controls and 1 toggle switch:

  • High gain emphasizes pinch harmonics; low gain provides overdrive response.
  • The Mids control contributes to penetrating the mix when the pedal is set for high gain.
  • The treble control will remove unwanted piercing-edged tone when the gain is set high.
  • Set the toggle switch for one of three preset bass responses.
    • Center is minimum bass and useful when the gain control is set to maximum.
    • Toggle down is maximum bass, useful when practicing alone.
    • Up is intermediate and useful in a band setting.  Bass settings are quick and effortless since there are only 3 repeatable positions.

Since the intended purpose of this pedal is high gain, clean-up is achieved with the footswitch as opposed to the guitar's volume control.

In comparison to other high gain pedals, the Firebreath might sound tame at bedroom practice levels. The tradeoff for controlled response at low levels is improved penetration at performance volumes. In either case, the pedal still provides high gain.

Power Supply:

  • Connect a regulated 9 volt supply to power the Firebreath. 15 volts maximum. No noticeable improvement in tone beyond 9 volts. Polarity is center negative to coincide with the vast majority of available pedals. Reverse polarity will not harm the circuit, however, the polarity will need to be corrected for the pedal to operate.
  • Any regulated supply will power the Firebreath since it consumes only 8mA. A One Spot power supply by Visual Sound can power over 50 of  these pedals.
  • A 9 volt battery can be connected externally with a modified battery clip available from Tone Factor. No internal space for a battery is provided.

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