Six String Effects Chazz - Overdrive


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  • Mids
  • Bass
  • Volume
  • Grit
  • Gain


Six String Effects

Clear, penetrating, and chunky breakup. Optimized for rhythm backup to give rock its characteristic appeal.

Can be used as an "always on" pedal.

Articulate for solos, even at maximum gain.

Roll-off guitar's volume knob from 10 to 7 for clean-up (in most cases).

In general, a small change in the guitar's volume control can cover a wide range of dirt: from clean to distortion.

Three knob equalization for adapting the Chazz O.D. to:

  1. different venues with different acoustics
  2. different gear:


  • Raise the bass setting for use with bridge pick-up or when practicing alone; lower the setting for neck pick-up or when performing with a band.
  • Raise the mids control to penetrate the mix of instruments when performing  with a band.
  • Reduce the treble control to remove the sharp edge tone (ice pick-in-ear effect) when using high gain.

The Grit Control will add extra harmonics to the breakup that are not commonly heard in conventional O.D. effects. To fully appreciate the "grit" effect, keep the grit knob at zero while adjusting the gain, EQ, and volume. Connect the Chazz to the amp's clean channel. Once the desired sweet spot is found on the O.D., raise the grit control. The lower settings will add a new treble texture that penetrates without losing the conventional O.D. feel.  The higher settings will add a "tear" tone to the overdrive.  This effect is noticeable when the gain knob is set above 2:00. For best clarity, raise the volume and reduce the treble control.

The Chazz can be considered a more complete effect than conventional overdrives since it relys on internal stacking for its sound.  Use the Chazz alone without stacking other pedals to best identify its contribution to the guitar tone.  The amp should be set as clean as possible, initally, in order to distinguish the Chazz's tone from external stages of overdrive.  Feel free to stack at will following the initial test, knowing that the base tone can always be recovered.

For high gain solos with sustain, please refer to the "Firebreath" pedal description.

Power Supply:

  • Connect a regulated 9 volt supply to power the Chazz.  15 volts maximum.  No noticeable improvement in tone beyond 9 volts.   Polarity is center negative to coincide with the vast majority of available pedals.   Reverse polarity will not harm the circuit,  however, the polarity will need to be corrected for the pedal to operate.
  • Any regulated supply will power the Chazz since it consumes only 16mA.  A One Spot power supply by Visual Sound can power over 50 of these pedals.
  • A 9 volt battery  can be connected externally with a modified battery clip available from Tone Factor.  No internal space for a battery is provided.

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