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As an overdrive, the backhand offers a distinctive texture compared to conventional overdrives. Even compared to the other overdrives in the six string effects line-up, the texture is unique.. Nevertheless, it still provides clarity for chords, presence within a band mix, and a wide range of dirt entering into the distortion zone at maximum gain providing a full, harmonically rich tone for solos.

The "attack delay"  is the feature that makes the Backhand stand out. Once the gain, volume, treble and mids have been selected, set the sensitivity between 2:00 and 3:00, play a single note scale up and down the fretboard, especially at the high end, and step on the momentary, spring return foot switch on the left. If the sensitivity is adjusted optimally, not too high and not too low, the pick attack will be suppressed leaving just the following note audible. The effect is similar to the envelope of a violin and is most noticeable when playing single note scales high up on the neck of the guitar. Use the attack delay with the gain knob adjusted to produce a thick overdrive  for the most realistic violin tone.

The "attack delay" effect works over the entire range of the guitar when the sensitivity is set optimally. It is not necessary to play staccato (separating the notes) as long as a firm pick technique is applied to the string. Even triad chords can be made to fade in without the pick sound. Combining single note solos and simple chords is possible with the proper use of the pick.

For maximum impact of the attact delay effect, use the footswitch to create spontaneous violin effects in the middle of a solo. Or, even when the footswitch is pressed, the attack delay can be defeated by the use of light picking. Using the attack delay sparingly will provide the most contrast to the normal pick sound and thereby draw the most attention from listeners.

Power Supply:

  • Connect a regulated 9 volt supply to power the Backhand. 15 volts maximum. No noticeable improvement in tone beyond 9 volts.  Polarity is center negative to coincide with the vast majority of available pedals. Reverse polarity will not harm the circuit,  however, the polarity will need to be corrected for the pedal to operate.
  • Any regulated supply will power the Backhand since it consumes only 10mA. A One Spot power supply by Visual Sound can power over 50 of these pedals.
  • A 9 volt battery can be connected externally with a modified battery clip available from Tone Factor. No internal space for a battery is provided.

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