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So you REALLY like delay? Good. The Tapeworm takes the engine of the Reel Repeat and turns it into an experimental musician's salvation. Holy Cow!!

First we add delay time up to 1200ms. It gets a bit noisy, but so do you. That's just real. You want your spaceship to blow up at the end ot the show? Of course you do. So we added an excellent explosion section. This is really gonna piss off the sound guy. And of course the detonation is f/s ignitable. But I still think the sound guy is going to be screaming. Read on...

We know what you like to do, because we like to do it too. So we added an on-board dual oscillator synth for all of your flying saucer attack needs. Yep, turn the two osc knobs and experience deep sea whale calls, death ray screams, or 80's video game noises. Work the volume knob for swells. And to make things more insanity peppers, you can use a f/s to determine what signal is going into the delay, your guitar or the synth.

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