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Sitori Sonics

The harem fuzz is our take on a popular and well loved fuzz. It is truly a thing of beauty. First, we warmed up the tone stack, making it more musical, with less "hurty" spots on the dial.

The fuzz is amazing!

Very smooth and complex. Even at full saturation, there is clarity and detail. Laser beams wrapped in fur coats. Stuart from Mogwai is using this guy, as well as Thurston from Sonic Youth. what more can you say?

Controls for volume, tone, and fuzz



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2017-03-109/10  got this used off ebay, sitori sonics is currently off the map. great pedal, well built, sounds excellent. i believe it's basically a bigmuff with some changes to the tone control. have previously tried NYC big muffs and the bass big muff and i like this one much better.

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