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Sitori Sonics

We always loved the tremolo in our old fender amps, but they had their issues. Sometimes they click, sometimes they are unsteady. sometimes they just just aren't strong enough. Flutter box to the rescue.

It is a nice amp-like tremolo that does exactly what it should. this is not an over-the-top tremolo with all sorts of bells, whistles, and novelty options. What it is, however, is a fantastic sounding tremolo with a smooth operation and a strong tone. Get that slow throbbing thud or crank the speed, lower the depth and get that awesome background wiggle for those arpeggios. And with the external volume control, you can even lower the depth all the way and use it as a very nice clean boost! Barry from mogwai is currently using the flutter box on his keyboards with great results. that makes us happy.

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