Sitori Sonics Brownies and Cream


Sitori Sonics

Very interactive controls for a wealth of tones to suit your every whim. Definitely the best way to add a second or third channel to your setup.

At lower gain settings, you get a good boost to push that crunchy tube amp over the edge. It's a sustain and tone extravaganza! Mid gain settings give a very dynamic tweedy growl. And of course, crank the gain to the top and thou shalt shred. No need to destroy that lovely tube amp with a variac Eddie!

Be amazed at the dynamic touch sensitivity that is normally only found in the way over-hyped $300 to $500 units... this is the inspirational tone that will keep you playing when you should be sleeping.

The three controls are: Serving (volume), Chocolate (tone), and cream (drive).


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2015-12-128.5/10  great pedal, love the build quality and the name, the sound encouraged me to crank it and thrash...

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