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Sitori Sonics

Extra Set and Heavy Set

The extra set is just that- an extra set of controls that mimic the volume and tone on your guitar. For many of us, the changes in our songs come and go quickly. There may not be enough time to roll back your volume to the exact right level, then crank it back up just n the nick of time. enter the extra set. the volume and tone controls act just like those on your guitar. Start from there, and roll back until the desired effect is achieved. Now you can hit those changes at full speed without worry. A lot of our customers also use the tone control to take the edge off of other pedals that may be a little brighter than they should. We are not mentioning any pedals by name, but you know who you are tube screamers.

With the heavy set, the rollback section is still the same, but we add a selectable boost to the mix for more versatility and value. it is a very strong clean boost that will yield all sorts of tones you never knew were locked up inside your amp. You can still use the tone control in conjunction with boost to darken things up a bit. Try experimenting with the boost used in conjunction with the volume rolled back. very interesting chimey tones that no one ever expected. plus it looks cool.

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