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Sirena is a digital delay modeled to sound like classic analog echo units. Instead of full range repeats, it offers warm and ambient repetitions with a natural decay and variety of delay times. She is designed to play well with both clean and distorted tones. Two modes of operation (True Bypass or Buffered Bypass with “Tails”) make the pedal even more flexible. She can also be used to produce unusual, creative sounds – just increase the repeats and play around with the knobs!

This Muse has an analog direct signal path built upon high-quality audio amplifiers and uses a digital chip as a mean to create delay repeats. Sirena is suitable for both live and studio applications. The pedal operates on a standard 9-12V DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel or a 9V battery.


  • Level – the level of the repeats 
  • Delay – the length of the delay 
  • Repeats – the amount of feedback passed to the delay circuit (That allows getting the effect of infinite repeats as well as some freaky cosmic sounds)

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