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Nudist is a high-quality analog buffer designed to preserve original qualities of the guitar signal. It keeps your signal strong, defined and sounding just the way you wanted it to be.

Whether your rig uses plenty of true bypass pedals or your signal is dulled by treble-sucking meters of cable â€“ Nudist is a cure for that. She will maintain your tone bright and alive.

There are many reasons for employing a buffer into your signal chain. Using many true bypass pedals and long runs of cable increase the capacitance and resistance of the signal chain. That combined with the characteristics of guitar pickups tends to act as a low pass filter which results in the loss of signal’s clarity and high-end. A buffer isolates the guitar from your signal chain and provides the proper impedance matching to eliminate this problem and preserve original qualities of the guitar signal.

Weak signal, treble loss, sloppy bass, lack of clarity and definition are just a few reasons for using it.

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