Sirkut Electronics Ring Modulator


  • Frequency
    changes the ring modulation frequency
  • Frequency Range
    switches between a low and a high frequency range
  • DistortioN/Boost
    to distort/boost the output signal



Basically a cut throat ring modulator that kills all tone in it's path.

Let it be known that this device KILLS and OSCILLATES like a crazy madman would if he could oscillate. It's loud, it's obnoxious, its for noise! Tone frenzy guitar players *cough* Eric Johnson for example *cough* should not apply. Now that the warning is over, for those who are still interested in something noisy, you are in luck. This little puppy can act as a really nasty ring modulator or if you just plug in a cable, you can control it (via frequency knob) as a tone generator.

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