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Across the Missouri River from Sioux City is Dakota County.

Always a bit behind Dakota County does a great job of repeating what we do.  The Sioux Guitars Dakota County Delay is an amazing sounding analog delay with warmth not available by digital.  Analog delays allow your echoes decay naturally giving you warmth and depth that digital delays just can't offer.

Jeff Dahl is known as a gearhead and a true seeker of tone.  This is what he had to say about the Dakota County:  "You've got a winner.  Really nice unit.  I love it.  Very smooth and quiet.  Easy to tweak. With Ron Asheton's old Les Paul it has a nice attack to the overall tone.  Adjusting the delay and feedback is super easy to sync it to song tempos with a really rich and warm delay.  I could see this as a great tool for leads and for rockabilly style slap.  And none of that cheesy, washed out town so many units give.  I also tried it with my old Washburn resonator, playing slide and that is probably my favorite.  You can get some real slimy voodoo funk happening.  With my Martin acoustic/electric, I set it to a real short, tight delay and it fills out the sound without washing things out.  Almost like having 2 guitars playing!  This would be ideal for and acoustic solo gig.  I also tried it on bass (Beatle bass and Fender Tele style bass) and vocals (Shure SM55 Elvis mic straight into a Vox amp!!) and got some very interesting and usable effects and tones.  Fun Stuff!  I didn't find any application where it did not excel.  As you know, I've never really used effects live but I like them for little touches here and there in the studio.  I can see this getting a lot of use.  Good one, man!  I'm sure I'll use it a ton.  (fave "basic" setting- 11/10/9/12 o'clocks)"

Danny Sage said this about the Dakota County:  "It's crazy.  I like my "other brand of delay," but your pedal kills it.  It just has more going for it all around.  I was playing it really clean, through the Magnatone with a Strat... it was really cool country/rockabilly sounding.  A lot of fun."

Cheetah Chrome has been just a tad busy with his day job at Plowboy Records, having the CBGB's movie release, a new solo ep coming out, radio performances, etc., but he said this about the Dakota County:  "Amazing so far!  Haven't had a chance to really play with it, but so far you have another winner!"

When legendary musicians like Jeff, Danny, and Cheetah say stuff like this about our pedal, we must have gotten this one right.

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