Sinvertek Tiger Attack - The Ultimate Distortion Machine



The TIGER ATTACK is a versatile High-Gain distortion pedal which infinitely approaches the multi - channel tube amps. The TIGER ATTACK is based on the modern High-Gain four-channel amps. It's a real distortion machine, and you could easily obtain rich and varied amp-class distortion tone. The TIGER ATTACK is equipped four distortion tone and two complete independently channel<DIS A/DIS B>. The four distortion tone are Crunch,High-Gain, Ultra-Gain 1 and Ultra-Gain2. The first two tone share a set of EQ, and the latter two tone share another set of EQ, these two set of EQ are all active 3-Band EQ with adjustable Mid Frequency Point, and they are all set some different MF Point according to different distortion styles. In the DUAL EQ mode, the two EQ could be jointly used in one of four distortion tone. The TIGER ATTACK's Crunch and High-Gain tone are based on the MARSHALL JCM series amps; The Ultra-Gainl and Ultra-Gain2 tone are based on the German style High-Gain amp heads. Due to rich adjustability of the EQ, you could obtain any other type distortion tone by adjusting the EQ.

When the MODE SELECT switch on "NORMAL" side, the TIGER ATTACK is working in NORMAL mode. Using the GAIN knob to control the DIS A/DIS B's amount of distortion;Using knobs to adjusting the two set of EQ. Using the VOL knobs to control the DIS A/DIS B's volume. Using MID SHIFT switch to select MD point of DIS A/DIS B. Using STYLE switch to select distortion types of DIS A/DIS B;Using PEDAL switch to switch between DIS A and DIS B, switch; In the current channel<DIS A/DIS B>, using corresponding channel's PEDAL switch to bypass. <e.g. In DIS A, using Pedal switch to bypass.>


  • Versatile High-Gain Tube Amp Tone
  • Four Distortion Types: Crunch, High-Gain, Ultra-Gain 1, Ultra-Gain2
  • Tone: Crunch&High-Gain —> MARSHALL JCM Series Ultra-Gainl8sUltra-Gain2—>German Style High-Gain Amps
  • Two Independent EQ(3-Band Active EQ)
  • Two Switching Modes: NORMAL &DUAL EQ
  • Two MID SHIFT Switches
  • Maximum Dynamic Response&Best Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR)
  • Excellent Playing Dynamics and Touch Sensitivity
  • Relay True Bypass
  • Standard 9vDC Operation

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