Sinvertek Fluid Time - Dual Analog Delay with Effects Loop



 The Fluid Time is a true, bucket-brigade analog delay pedal with up to 700 milliseconds of delay time. Based on all analog circuitry, the Fluid Time offers up warm and lush delay tones, and keeps your signal pristine when it's turned off.

The Fluid Time is a versatile delay pedal with some excellent functions. The Fluid Time features two independence delay time, you are capable of setting up them separately, and switching them via the footswitch. The Fluid Time also has an effects loop for the delay signal, you could add various different flavors to the delay signal by adding different types of effects. The Fluid Time provides two kinds of bypass, buffer bypass and true bypass. When the signal chain is complex, you could select buffer bypass. Due to the KILL DRY function, the Fluid Time is capable of inserting the amps that features parallel loop. In addition, the Fluid Time has TAKE OFF functions, it allows you to increase the repeats and create feedback at the touch of a button. Imagine instant swells, mesmerizing feedback, stutter effects and a great big wall of sound as easily as pushing on a switch.


  • Analog Delay
  • Bucket-Brigade Technology
  • Up to 700ms of Delay Time
  • Two Working Modes: NORMAL 85 T.0.*A/B
  • Two Delay Time Switchable(DELAY A 85 DELAY B)
  • Take Off (Infinite Feedback)
  • Kill Dry
  • FX Loop
  • True Bypass 85 Buffer Bypass Switchable
  • Relay True Bypass
  • Standard 9vDC Operation

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