Sinvertek Amplution.GE - German Style Four Channel Preamp



The AMPLUTION.GE is an German Four Channel Preamp. Utilizing the SINVERTEK circuit technology, combined with the unique frequency compensation circuits, the AMPLUTION.GE has the outstanding real amp tone that infinitely approach the tube amps.

The tone of the AMPLUTION.GE comes from classic amp brand ENGL, and it consists of two preamp circuits, vintage preamp and modern High-Gain preamp. The AMPLUTION.GE is equipped four channel, thay are CLEAN,CRUNCH,LEAD1 and LEAD2

The CLEAN channel has excellent playing dynamics,it is suit for many pickups with different output. The CRUNCH channel has typical '80s hard rock style. The LEAD1 channel and LEAD2 channel are applied to skillful SOLO and modern heavy rhythm. The LEAD1 channel has compact low frequency, you could easily obtain aggressive heavy metal beat. The LEAD2 channel has huge distortion and excellent dynamic sustain, it's very suitable for playing tapping, collusion tone and solo with long sustain.

The AMPLUTION.GE has a set of 2-ban active filter network, called G.POWER. When the G.POWER is available, strong power will input your amps, you could play heavy tone vividly.The G.POWER is only available in the LEAD1 and LEAD2 channel, it is unavailable in the CLEAN and CRUNCH channel.

The AMPLUTION.GE has a very small size, and high operating density. It also has a powerful function, and it will provide convenience for your play.


  • Real Tube Amp Tone, German style
  • 2 Preamps: Vintage Preamp 85 Modern High-Gain Preamp
  • 4 Channels: CLEAN, CRUNCH, LEAD 1, LEAD2
  • 3-Band Passive EQ (BASS, MID, TREBLE)
  • 2-Band Active Filter Network (G.POWER)
  • CONTOUR Switch
  • 3-Switching Modes: NORMAL 85 HIGH-GAIN 85 3-CHANNEL
  • Maximum Dynamic Response85Best Signal to Noise
  • Ratio (SNR) Excellent Playing Dynamics and Touch Sensitivity •
  • Directly Connecting to the Poweramp IN/FX RETURN Port
  • Small Case, High Operation Density
  • Relay True Bypass
  • High Voltage Supply (18VDC Operation)

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