Sinister Analog Ramrod


Sinister Analog

Out of this world Ring Modulation in a tiny affordable package!

The Sinister Analog Ramrod Ring Modulator offers everything from mild bell tones to full on Robot SKRONK~!

Level control blends the dry guitar sound with the ring modulated sound. Full left setting is all dry, full right setting is all ring mod.

Frequency adjusts the frequency of the oscillator. You can tune this in to the key you are playing in, or just find a setting that sounds good to you.

The Ramrod has an audible carrier frequency. This can be adjusted via the level control and an internal trim pot. It can not be dialed completely out, but can be tamed nicely with the level control. This facilitates tuning the pedal to pitch. The trim pot can also set the frequency ABOVE your guitar tone for consant pitch that can be controled with the frequency knob.

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