Simble Twimble - Overdrive + Predriver




Simble Overdrive and Predriver has been both fine tuned a bit and put into one.

Mad Professor

Simble overdrive and Simble Predriver are being combined into a single unit.  

Both circuits are being tailored in order to maximize the tonal sweetness! 

Naturally, both drives sound excellent when used separately, from single coils to humbuckers. When activated together they really make you flow.

Now the Simble overdrive section has enhanced clarity in the sparkling treble when you turn the Contour fully clockwise. Predrive has some sweet compression added and that will give you more 3-dimentional tonal feel during playing. Besides that, you will get more warm sustain to ease playing. 

Twimble Controls:

The Accent (situated before overdrive) lets you choose the frequency range where the overdrive is mostly focused at. Sensitivity will determine the amount of gain. And with the Contour (situated after overdrive) you can adjust the tone of the output signal. 

Enter the Predrive. Boost your tone with yet another warm and organic piece of the puzzle: Predrive section, which have been designed to work wonders together with your guitar´s volume... you will be in control. 

The tone simply got ever more organic! 

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