Simble Overdrive




The Simble pedal, simply amazing organic tone.

The Simble pedal is designed by helicopter mechanic and amp wizard Lassi Ukkonen – the best kept secret of the tone world.

Lassi has serviced, fine­tuned and modified the best amplifiers in the world and has built into this pedal what the best amplifiers are all about: natural organic tone, un­surpassable touch sensitivity, sweet tube­like compression and built in inspiration. This natural sounding pedal works as a clean boost, ”on the edge” crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive, always retaining the tone of your prized guitar.

The Simble pedal is happy with either single coil pickups or humbuckers and thanks to the pedals wide bandwidth also works great with bass!

Please try the Simble, you’ll be smiling in minutes!


  • SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and compression
  • LEVEL: Output level
  • ACCENT: Pick attack and brightness
  • CONTOUR: Brightness of the output

Build and marketed by Mad Professor Amplification Ltd

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