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The Fuzzed Up pedal by Silver Hammer Designs produces a sound that is an octave higher than the note you are presently playing by doubling the frequency. This doubling effect is accomplished by separating the signal into two parts above and below the zero level and then inverting the lower part and adding it to the upper part.This electronic mirror imaging technique is program sensitive and also responds to the dynamics and envelope of the input signal. The electronic circuitry is 100% analogue in design and will react faithfully to all the subtleties and harmonic overtones from the guitar. The effect produced is very unique but human in quality and can be subtle to wild depending on the settings used and will respond to the attack of the player.

The effect really comes into it's own on the top E and B strings from the 7th fret up. A clean and precise picking style is essential with particular attention to accurate fretting techniques.

Use the Fuzzed Up pedal to put your solos over-the-top, cutting through with that that vintage tone.

All analog circuitry with true bypass and 9v power input(negative tip) or internal battery power.

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